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23-24 ARPA Questions & Answers

What is the last day to do the stipend? 

We currently do not have an end date.  As we approach our budget allotment for the stipends, the website will be updated.



I got an email rejection now what? 

The Provider director/ARPA person will need to correct the information in WebAuthor and re-submit if applicable.  There are instructions on our website.

I posted everything weeks ago…What is going on? 

Remember that this is a process and like most of our providers, we have a small staff that wear many hats to keep Coalition services running.  Due to the level of our ARPA funding, we are only able to allocate two staff to it in a part-time capacity.  We are doing the best we can to accurately and efficiently process this grant. 

When are we going to get paid? 

When we are able to determine you are eligible, get to your application, and we have complete documentation of acceptable paperwork.   

Most people were in such a hurry to submit their information, that they did not verify if they were eligible, did not follow posted instructions, and/or did not submit the required documentation.  The inability for the early educators of Okaloosa and Walton counties to follow instructions and provide correct documentation has made processing applications and paperwork very time consuming and, in the end, we will probably have to look at most applications twice. 

I have noticed that our ARPA requests have moved from a “submitted” status to “CEO” status. Is there any insight into what the “CEO” status means? 

In the WebAuthor ARPA program, the ARPA dashboard keeps the status of Staff Fund and Provider Fund Requests updated. These statuses are for the internal processing of the Coalition’s work.  Providers will need to correct any status of Returned.  The status of CEO means that the Staff Fund Request eligibility and documentation has been accepted and is being forwarded for approval through management. 

I sent an email a few days ago about one of my staff members needing to change her direct deposit. 

As stated in the process on our website, staff will need to submit their direct deposit information via WebAuthor form collection.  Direct deposit:

My director said I would get an email about…. {insert anything you like here} 

The only direct contact from the Coalition to classroom/teaching staff will be if the Coalition chooses to delete a Provider Staff form (collection form to get personal information). These forms are only being deleted if they are missing required information – like the staff person’s W-9 form. If the form is deleted, the Coalition will send an email to the email address in the original form and give the staff person instructions on doing a NEW form. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STAFF PERSON TO SUBMIT THEIR PERSONAL AND PAYMENT INFORMATION. There will be no follow up by the Coalition after the initial email.

Any other communications about the stipend process will be the Coalition communicating with the Center Director/ARPA contact. 

Staff Fund Requests are returned with no reason stated

It is possible the following Staff Fund Requests will be returned without a reason stated:

  • Provider has submitted more than one education-based stipend (workforce) request for the same human. For example, a Workforce – CDA w. more 5 yrs exp and Workforce-DCF Formal Education Associates. There is ONE education-based stipend per human.
  • Provider has submitted workforce stipends and new hire stipends for the same human. The human is EITHER a new hire OR has been in the field for a year.

Either way, the Coalition will not decide the fate of the stipend and will return both to the Provider.

My Staff Fund Requests was denied!

There can be a few reasons for being denied:

  • It is a duplicate application.
  • Staff Fund Request for Implement of FL Standards in I/T Class was submitted for a staff person who is not in the infant/toddler classroom.
  • Staff person is not a FL resident.
  • Staff person is not on the VPK APP for VPK only providers.

The applicant no longer works at my center. What do I do?

Email and let us know they are no longer employed by your center, and we will delete their application.

On the Curriculum and CLASS Mini-Grants how long do we have to do the training and implement the grant?

These mini-grant training plans must be completed by May 31, 2024.

I have a new staff member and they may/may not have been paid/applied for their workforce stipend. What do I need to do?

The director at the current childcare center must email and let us know who the applicant is. The ELC will respond to the director and research the application.

I have more questions and need more help!

We will be holding “office hours” via Zoom called WebAuthor Wednesday starting at 12:30pm for the dates of 2/21/24, 2/28/24, 3/6/24, 3/13/24, 3/20/24, 3/27/24, 4/3/24, 4/10/24, 4/17/24, 4/24/24, 5/1/24.

Update as of 05/01/2024 – We will hold 12:30 meeting “hours” on 5/8/2024 and 05/15/2024 as well.

12:30 pm CST meeting:

Meeting ID: 862 9484 3242

Beginning 4/3/2024, we will hold a second “office hours” via zoom called WebAuthor Wednesday PM edition that will run from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m CST on the same dates as listed above 4/3/24, 4/10/24, 4/17/24, 4/24/24, 5/1/24 only. There will NOT be a 5:30pm meeting on 5/8/24 nor 5/15/24 due to lack of participation for prior meetings. That meeting information is:

5:30 pm CST meeting:

Meeting ID: 858 4842 6059