Board Members

Executive Committee (6 Members)

Beth Brant (Gubernatorial Appointee, Private Sector)

Don Edwards (Private Sector)

Louis Svehla (Walton County Commissioner Appointee)

Ray Sansom (Private Sector)

Beverly Sandlin (College President Appointee)

Michele Burns (Workforce Board of Okaloosa and Walton)

Board Members (16 Total Members)

Memberships Established by Agency Affiliation-Position, and County(s) (10)

DCF District Administrator Appointee (O & W)
Angela Strumeyer

Workforce Development Board Director (O & W)
Michele Burns, Exec. Director

Walton County School Superintendent Appointee
Pam Jones, Principal and VPK Administrator

Walton County Commissioner Appointee
Louis Svehla, Public Info. Manager

Head Start Director (O)
Debra Riley-Broadnax, Director

NWF State College President Appointee (O & W)
Beverly Sandlin, Dir. Teacher Educ.

Agency Serving Children with Disabilities (O & W)
John Roper, The Arc of the Emeral Coast's CEO 

County Health Department Representative (W)
Kathryn Barley , Sr. Community Health Nursing Director

Private Sector Members (Walton - 2, Okaloosa - 6, Total = 8 Private Sector)

Beth Brant (Gubernatorial Appointee)
Poly, Inc. (O)

Ray Sansom
Radar Group (O)

Don Edwards
Renasant Bank (O)

Scot B. Copeland, Esq.
Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon, P. A. (W)

Amanda Negron
HSU Foundation (O)

Darrell Taylor
Gulf Coast Electric (O) 

Rachel Smythe
Preschool at Point Washington (W) 

Anthony McKinney
Childcare Network (O) 

Open Board Positions: 

Private Sector Gubernatorial Nominee (2)

Private Sector Business (2)

Ch. 1002.83 (11) Each early learning coalition shall establish terms for all appointed members of the coalition. The terms must be staggered and must be a uniform length that does not exceed 4 years per term. Coalition chairs shall be appointed for 4 years pursuant to s. 20.052. Appointed members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. When a vacancy occurs in an appointed position, the coalition must advertise the vacancy.

ELC-EC Board of Directors Application